Day of Revival, Unity and Poetry of Makhtumkuli Fragy

Every year at 18 may Turkmenistan celebrates national holiday, which symbolizes the triumph of peace and prosperity, national unity and cohesion, - the Day of the Constitution of independent neutral Turkmenistan, and it coincides with the Day of Revival, Unity and Poetry of Makhtumkuli Fraga. In the town of Ak-Tokay, located in the Iranian province of Golestan, the tomb of the great Turkmen poet Magtymguly and his father, the poet Dovletmamed Azadi.

Magtymguly - a true patriot, who dreamed of a sovereign Turkmen state, the unity and cohesion of the people. The poems of the great poet-thinker with appeals for unity, solidarity, humanism, his immortal speech, which became an integral part of universal human values, our people took it as a spiritual instruction.

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